Fast and reliable aeronautical and geospatial solutions

Terra Veta is a woman-owned small business committed to providing timely, accurate, and cost-effective aeronautical and geospatial solutions to both the public and private marketplace.

We are a diverse team of professionals with backgrounds in air traffic control, airfield operations, airspace management, and geospatial analytics. We are well experienced in managing navigational data, producing a wide range of aeronautical charts, and collecting feature data via satellite imagery. In partnership with Loz Analytics, we’ve also successfully developed software that increases the efficiency and quality of our products. We are continually seeking innovative solutions to improve the solutions and services we provide to our customers while reducing effort and cost.

As a small business, our people and our partnerships are the foundation of our success and we regularly seek out new opportunities, new ideas and new relationships to drive our business (and yours) forward. If you have an idea or are looking for a new partner to help you succeed, we hope you’ll consider us for your next project.

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