Our Team

Our passion for excellence is exemplified by those we contract and employ. We seek out the best talent to consistently deliver quality results that exceed the expectations of our clients.

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Candice Mills


Candice Mills is the CEO of Terra Veta, a WOSB that provides aeronautical and geospatial services to clients who see the increasing value of a more Intelligent Earth.

She has spent more than 10 years of her professional career building company cultures and programs that attract, motivate and retain the best talent to maximize business results which serve as the foundation to Terra Veta’s success. She has an impeccable track record of in-scope, in-budget and on-time delivery of managed projects across a wide variety of industries, including professional sports, technology, manufacturing, healthcare and retail.

Candice moved to the St. Louis region from California in December 2012 with her husband and co-owner, Justin Mills, who was stationed at Scott AFB. Since relocating, they've expanded their family to a total of five and have made O'Fallon, IL their permanent home. With the fusion of their experiences and entrepreneurial ambitions, they started Terra Veta in 2017.

Justin Mills


A former Air Force officer, Justin Mills is an accomplished airfield expert trained in air traffic control, airfield operations, geographic information systems, and has a comprehensive understanding of aeronautical charts and publications.

He guided multiple award-winning airfield operations teams across the U.S., led multinational airspace management teams overseas, and oversaw air traffic control and landing system resources for the Air Force Air Mobility Command.

After leaving the Air Force, Justin joined Vertical GeoSolutions where he was the lead aeronautical products quality control manager and the airfield feature data program manager.

Justin is a recognized leader who develops strong teams that are driven to excel.


Lauren Gourley

Geospatial Analyst

Lauren Gourley is an experienced geospatial analyst specializing in NGA products such as Vertical Obstructions, Content Management, and Stereo Airfield Collection with extensive knowledge of ArcGIS, as well as fluency in FME and SOCET GXP. Lauren specializes in automation of tasks and organization.

Lauren attended Eastern Illinois University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Geography with a concentration in GIS and a minor in history. In addition to her studies she also managed a campus dining hall supervising 10 shift managers and 90 workers as an undergrad student herself.

After graduation Lauren began her career at Vertical GeoSolutions, where she worked for 5 years on various NGA products. By the time she left she felt she had found her niche as a QC/technical lead.

Brandon Belobraydic

Aeronautical Quality Control

Brandon Belobraydic is an Aeronautical Analyst with a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management and an Associate’s degree in Construction Management.

Brandon also graduated from Southern Illinois Carbondale’s Aviation Management Program in 2018 and is actively working towards his private pilot’s license.

Connor Norrenberns

Aeronautical Analyst

Chanley Snediker

Aeronautical Analyst

Grant Martin

Geospatial Analyst

Anthony Bojorquez

Aeronautical Analyst

Suzi Medina

Operations Analyst

Hartney Deegan

Aeronautical Analyst

Samantha Schneider

Aeronautical Analyst

Sarah Love-Martin

GIS Analyst

Neil Lauko

GIS Analyst